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    The last thing a home buyer wants to worry about after closing is what could possibly break or malfunction in their new home.

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    Homes with our home warranty sell faster and closer to the asking price, minimizing marketing efforts.

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    Canada Home Club offers members the opportunity to take advantage of huge discounts.

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    Congratulations for making the decision to enjoy your home without worrying about appliance and major system breakdowns.

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About Home Warranty Canada

Welcome to the Home Warranty Canada Official Website. For over almost two decades, our team has worked hard at establishing ourselves as the leader in new and innovated warranties programs. With Home Warranty Canada, Protecting your valuable assets has never been easier. Why? Because we understand that customer service is the key to our success. There's simply no other warranty company that works harder to provide you with fast and friendly service. Home Warranty Canada - Strength, Stability, and Commitment.

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Put a warranty on my house last week when I listed it and it sold the next day for $15,500 more than asking price. This is awesome

Bart Jackson, Toronto, Ontario

Put a warranty on my house last week when I listed it and it sold the next day for $15,500 more than asking price. This is awesome
Just wanted to thank you folks for the great service last week. My furnace conked out and it was -7! I called you guys and the furnace guy showed up in about 2 hours! As it turns out my blower motor was shot. The furnace guy had a brand new one in by the end of the day. Thanks guys.

Mike Mciula

Just wanted to thank you folks for the great service last week. My furnace conked out and it was -7! I called you guys and the furnace guy showed up in about 2 hours! As it turns out my blower … Continue reading

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John Myers, Waterloo, Ontario

Most people think that these home warranty plans are just for the protection of a buyer for the first year after a home purchase. When we purchased our home, a 5 year warranty was already in place purchased by the … Continue reading

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